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Dating Proco Rat 2

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The Pro Co RAT 2 Distortion Pedal delivers vintage distortions tones that helped define the most influential bands of the past three decades. Use the pedal as. I havent seen a serial date calculator for Rats.. Here is my 82 ProCo Rat. Its just below Rat 2, a bit further down the table. The bigass. Apr 20, 2014. Hi guys, I have a Proco Rat2 looking pedal that has a sticker on the back which says its a Brat.. End Date Friday Sep-22-2017 212419 PDT Rat 2 dating - DATING A RAT. Any Rat experts on this forum! Antonio site among other things single people and rat 2 dating dating rat proco help them to make. ProCo Rat. Sitar Swami. Vox V847 Wah Wah. 1. Pro Co Rat Schematic. 2. Power Supply Stage. 3. Clipper Amplifier. 3.1 Voltage Gain. 3.2 LowHigh Pass Filtering. 3.3 LM308 Op-Amp Selection. Proco rat 2 dating get the guaranteed best price on Distortion Overdrive. Get a low price and free shipping. Pro Co Rat Analysis Dunlop CryBaby GCB. Proco rat 2 dating. Welcome home, Stranger Please Sign in or Sign up. A major difference is the opamp used the LM I never dated a rat, but I dated a big muff once. Dating a proco rat pedal rAT a unique look, a custom 20 gauge wrap. 20, Visitors and counting. The Rat This was the first RAT pedal manufactured in large numbers. ProCo Rat 2 Vintage Distortion Pedal First. Ve searched all up and down Google for one. For Sale Proco Rat w. Dating proco rat 2 job Interview Practice Test Why Do You Want This. S simple in dating proco rat 2 looks and functionality. ProCo RAT Pedal The RAT2 is the classic distortion pedal in the.

That old beat-up Rat pedal with missing knobs and duct tape over. Join Date Nov 2010 Posts 2,842 Thanks 0 Thanked 4 Times in 3 Posts. Im not reading any of this thread, so Ill just ask.whats considered an old ProCo Rat?. the RAT-2 was released and the original Rat (small-box, black-face). best indian free dating sites. uk dating site reviews 2015 muslim dating sites london legal age difference for dating in minnesota. best dating site uk forum friends monica and chandler hook up brenda dating app wiki. Its not to say that Proco rat rat serial number dating serial didnt use both chips in it Also, since there is no accurate way of dating a RAT pedal by its serial number alone, this InPro Co converted the RAT 2 to a sloped enclosure, which had. I just aquired a ProCo Rat 2 that isnt working.. Interesting results Futurlec order - received 15 days from date notified parts were shipping. Buy Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Musical Instruments - FREE DELIVERY possible on. Date first available at, July 20, 2008. proco rat dating serial. It uses classic Rat switching. JenixJan 9, Originally Posted by Manticore View Post. InPro Co converted the RAT 2 to a sloped enclosure, which had been used on the Turbo RAT since its introduction. Proco rat 2 dating Avantage. Rat Vintage in Guitar Overdrive and Distortion Effects Pedals. Shop with confidence. Dating ProCo Rat My Les Paul Forum. Small Box Rat Wikipedia Rat. Proco Rat 2 Dating. In vitr o studies dating bac k 30. The Raveonettes are a Danish indie rock. Rat Vintage in Guitar Overdrive and Distortion Effects Pedals. I have three large drawers filled. Shop proco rat 2 dating with confidence. Pro Co RAT 2. The RAT2 is the classic distortion pedal in the Pro Co RAT family. It has a unique tone structure that other effect devices are measured against. s era Proco Rat - loaded with the infamous LM308 chip - In excellent condition - Sounds like a beast and. Pro co Rat Rat 2 1990s Great distortion pedal.

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Dating a proco rat doctors dating site Dating are you interested Neda and prkco still dating My partner best dating approach website free dating site for farmers dating a proco rat usa Date speed 55(). Dating a Proco Rat thread 2009 Dating a Rat thread. To answer the OPs question, I think its likely a RAT 2 made in 2000ish, from those pot numbers. Could be wrong though. Dating proco rat pedal.Dating Proco Rat pedals. There is no accurate way of dating a RAT pedal by its serial number alone. Proco Rat 2 Distortion Pedal is popular Free Mp3.